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Small Steps
This method was developed to work for very young children by organizing the learning process into small steps so children can have success every week by mastering new skills. 


Parent Learns Also
The parent takes the first 15 minutes of the lesson and models good learning behavior. This prepares the parent to be the teacher at home. The child then takes the second 15 minute lesson. Thus the child learns twice Ė first by watching and then by doing.  The child is more at ease because s/he knows what s/he will be asked to do. 

As the studentís attention span increases over the weeks, the studentís lesson increases and the parentís lesson decreases in length. The parent takes notes during the student's lesson. 

Student and parent practice together at home.  This should be a joyful time of family sharing. 

For practicing ideas, check Jeanne Luedke's Parent Education Website, the Supplemental Reading List, and the American Suzuki Journal, available by joining the SAA.