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What is the Suzuki Method?

The Suzuki method was developed based on the way we learn our native language. Dr. Suzuki realized that if all 4-year-old children speak their native language fluently,  then the “mother tongue” method is the best education method in the world because it's 100% successful.

To learn native language in their environment, children:

Hear their native language.

Speak what they've heard.

Learn to read.

Learn to write.

To learn music using the Suzuki method, children:

Listen to recordings daily.

Learn to play the instrument.

Learn to read music.

Learn to write music.

Following these steps in a supportive environment allows children to be successful.


 Listen to Recordings Daily 

Parents are expected to put on the recording daily. (Estimated time: 30 seconds) The whole recording should be played at least once a day. The CD/tape player should be set to automatically repeat the songs the child is learning for 3 or more hours a day.

Other kinds of music, especially classical, can be included in the listening. This helps to train the ear of the student so they can learn to play in tune. The goal is to create an environment filled with the language of music.  

Busy families put copies of the recording in the living room, child's bedroom, the car, in the portable CD/tape player, etc. Listening can also be done at night, or while doing homework.


Play the Instrument
Suzuki took the classical literature and organized it into a step-by-step curriculum of teaching points.  Each song teaches a point of technique and becomes a building block for techniques needed later.  The students daily review their basic songs. This gives them a solid foundation and they can learn their new songs more quickly.  


Reading Music

The students begin note-reading in supplementary materials while studying Book 2. By Book 4, their note-reading skills should have caught up with their playing skills and they’ll be note-reading fluently.


Writing Music

Students periodically make up their own songs as they go along. As students get more advanced, parents may want to explore software/composition programs. Serious music composition is studied in college.


A Supportive Environment

The “mother tongue” method suggests a loving environment. Parents should create a positive environment for practice at home. I’m very nurturing and supportive in my approach to teaching while still asking my students to play with the highest quality technique and musicianship.