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Parents are expected to put on the recording daily. (Estimated time: 30 seconds) The whole recording should be played at least once a day. The CD/tape player should be set to automatically repeat the songs the child is learning for 3 or more hours a day.

Other kinds of music, especially classical, can be included in the listening. This helps to train the ear of the student so they can learn to play in tune. The goal is to create an environment filled with the language of music, so the child will understand this language, and play fluently.

Busy families put copies of the recording in the living room, child's bedroom, the car, in the portable CD/tape player, etc. Listening can also be done at night, or while doing homework.


Daily Review
Suzuki noticed that when people speak their native language, they speak their earliest words ("mama", "daddy") often, and they speak their advanced words. 

The student plays his/her review pieces daily and then works on the latest piece. This creates a student who plays their instrument fluently.

Group Lessons
Students are expected to attend group lessons weekly. We review pieces, practice note-reading, play harmonies, learn to play with other people, and have fun in group lessons. We also play the latest piece the student has learned -- this helps to re-enforce their ability to play that piece. It is a support system for learning and a place to have friends who enjoy having the same opportunities to learn.

When it is necessary for a student to miss a private lesson, the parent/student should notify me as soon as possible.  There are no refunds for lessons missed.

Year Round Study
Students are encouraged to study year-round, even though summer attendance may be sporadic. A student who takes lessons when s/he is in town will be ready to move ahead in the Suzuki literature in September. A student who takes two months off will need two months to get back to where they were before they left. Often then it is time to study holiday music and they do not move ahead in the literature until January. This can be discouraging for the student.

Additional Opportunities
Students are encouraged to take advantage of further opportunities for study. 

State Convention. This happens yearly in October in Ellenberg. I will notify students at the appropriate time. 

Suzuki Summer Institutes. I will receive mailings and notify students. It is a good idea to join the SAA and receive the Suzuki journal, which has all the institutes listed.

The combination of 

the daily repetition of their songs, 

the group lesson, and 

the listening,

creates beautifully fluent Suzuki players.